Hey all,

I know I'm not the administrator of this wiki (hello HeroOfBacon) but I do have a solid 4 year history with wikis and I like to think I know my fair share about how to organise one, start one up as well as knowing basically everything there is to know on the coding side of things (although certain parsar fuctions still allude me :(). So I just wanted to give you guys some helpful hints on how to start adding content to a wiki and how to make it look as presentable as possible.

Use Tables

Tables are usually a necessity on a wiki in terms of presentation. if you have a list of things you want to add, a table is usually the best way to present is, aside from the bullet pointing system. For those of you that don't know how to make a table then please read though this page and if you're confused on anything, drop me a message. :) For those that don't know what a table even is, I'll show you a basic one.

Title 1 Title 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Cell 1 Cell 2

Or if you want to spruce it up a little:

Title 1 Title 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Cell 1 Cell 2

Categorize Pages

Categories are essential for holistic organisation and synergy in the wiki, it allows groups of pages to be put under one 'umbrella' and allow for easier navigation between the wikis. IE Category:Classes. If you don't know anything about categories visit this page will tell you everything you need to know.

Use Templates

As of writing this wiki has no custom templates, and the only one it has got (that I'm currently aware of) if Template:Infobox. Templates are good if the same table, information, etc is going to be used on multiple pages. Templates are by far the trickiest thing you need to get your head around as an editor -- if you wish to make any. As an editor that only wishes to use them, they're easy to get your head around after using them once or twice. If you want to learn how to make templates then visit this page for the basics.


these are the three most basic things that can make the wiki look presentable and professional, aiding the aesthetics more than people realise. It will encourage people to view and edit this wiki. If you have any further questions on editing in general visit this page or contact me via my talk page or by dropping me a PM at under my username Dragoonx303 :)

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